Why incent movies are preferred by some?  

As we all know porn is an erotica genre, which is increasing in demand. The demand is increasing and so is the production of these movies. Why do people prefer watching porn over the other genre? The answer is because just out basic instinct or curiosity I might say. We all have an animalistic human desire for sex.

Discovering the desires of your body and dark fantasies, which you want to turn into real life. Porn also educates people who have little knowledge about sex and how things work.

A weird kinks people tend to have

Some people are turned out by watching incest porn. Incest porn means having sexual fantasies with people of blood relations like a mother, father brother or sisters.

Many people love watching incest porn as it is there kink, a weird kink to be honest. Most of all people are attracted to it as it is a taboo and humans more likely are attracted to something which is forbidden. There are many incest porn stories, which are interesting and having something much more graphic.

A variety of stories which are published

There are many incest porn stories. Where this girl is sexually attracted to her sister and wants to have a relation with her or one of the most popular ones is having relationship with a hot and handsome step-brother, who is out of her league and off-limits, but obviously who can resist this story where sexual attraction is taut in the air and after resisting all they do is give in and have a secret sexual life of wild fantasies.